Rachi is located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level, in the center of the Prefecture of Pieria, SW of Katerini, and is one of the settlements in the Lofou area of Petra Municipality. As its name denotes, it is built on a ground formation which resembles a saddle between mount Olympus south and the Pieria Range west. Its population is 523 inhabitants and is located at a distance of 14 km from the town of Katerini.

The local subsistence is based exclusively on agriculture. Reclamation works have improved the soil and increased production; consequently, people have chosen to stay home. Rachi has a name in arboriculture, especially in the cultivation of cherry trees. It is the home of two Cherry Associations whose products are distributed throughout Greece and in many other countries abroad.

The main church is dedicated to Saint Luke. Just a few kilometers outside the village stands the church of Saint Constantine and an adjacent cemetery. At Rachi there is a Kindergarten and an Elementary School with excellent building installations. The cultural association of Rachi, “The Patria”, has a notable presence in visual arts, also in theater the “The Rachi Troupe” and own dance group. It was established in 1977 and since then it organizes a series of events to honour its patron saint – St. Luke – in October. The events last for a few days and are also known by the name “The Patria”. The Sports & Education Association goes by the name “Apollon Rachis”, a football club, and is listed in League C’ Amateurs Football and competes locally with other FCs of the prefecture of Pieria.


The Agricultural Cooperative Ag. Loukas Rachis OP, is the Coordinator of the multiprogramme 101015762 — EU Orchards of Taste submitted for financing on June 2020 in the frame of Reg (EU) 1144/2014, Reg (EU) 2015/1829 and 2015/1831 and of the Call for Proposals AGRI-MULTI-C-2020 in partnership with the Agricultural Cooperative of Nestos and the ASOCIATIA ORGANIZATIA INTERPROFESIONALA NATIONALA PRODCOM LEGUME FRUCTE DIN ROMANIA of total budget EUR 2.952.562 for the promotion of fresh fruits and vegetables in third countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea).

The multiprogramme was approved for finanicing according to Ref. Ares(2020)4845721 - 16/09/2020 letter of the European Commission with starting date the 01.01.2021 and duration 36 months.

For the implementation of the actions of the prοject with total estimated value EUR 2.695.282, Coordinator is launching an Open Call for Proposals for the selection of implementing body(ies) with award criteria the most economically advantageous tender. The project is divided in three (3) LOTS and tenders should be for all LOTS.
Deadline for submission of tenders is December 11th 2020, 14:00 and place of submission of tenders is the premises of Coordinator (Rachi Pierias, 60100). The opening of tenders will take place after the deadline of submitting tenders at the premises of Coordinator

Tender Specification is available free of charge at the websites www.kerasiarachis.gr, www.asnestos.gr και www.oipalegumefructe.ro. Contact person: Dimitrios Ntouros, +23510 98711, e-mail: info@kerasiarachis.gr. Terms and participation conditions, rules for submitting tender and description of the procedure and of project’s actions are included in the Tender Specifications. The validity of tenders will be for two (2) months starting from the deadline of submission.